The Modern Stoner Vocabulary

What is a Wook? Within the past five years or so the cannabis industry has been progressing in jumps and bounds. There has actually been recreational legalization in 2 states, incredible advancements in the methods of intake and also the boom of creative thinking in glasswork- as well as the ever-increasing popularization of focuses. It’s no wonder that numerous new terms have actually been created or become part of the modern vocabulary of those within what was formerly a sub-culture. Understanding the different terms of vernacular for weed or the meaning of a spliff will no longer enable you to assert that you are a well-informed cigarette smoker. Keeping that, I offer you The Modern Stoner Lexicon; the words as well as meanings you will certainly need to manage within the marijuana area without resembling an ignorant pothead.

710- noun. A number utilized as a kind of synonym for swabbing concentrates, much like 420 is used as a basic synonym for smoking marijuana. 710 inverted appears as “oil”, a term used for focuses.

Beans- noun. A slang term for marijuana seeds.

Popular Companies: DNA, Rare Humidity, The Cali Link.

The Cali Link Seeds

Carb Cap- noun. A tool that is utilized to cover a nail to stop vapor from leaving while dabbing concentrates. Additionally used especially for low temperature bits that concentrate extra on taste than result.

Very Educated Carbohydrate Caps

Concentrates- noun. The product developed by the separation and filtration of marijuana to its most important type. There are different procedures that generate outcomes of various consistencies as well as intensities relying on method and beginning product. Additionally described as budder, hash, oil, shatter, solventless as well as wax.
Popular Companies/ Extract Artists: HGH, Pissing Excellence, West Coast Cure

Focuses from West Coastline Cure

Dabber– noun. A device used to place the concentrate onto the warm nail while swabbing. They are constructed from various materials, the most typical being either glass or titanium.
Popular Artists: Sherbert, Skywalker Wraps

Nails with mix carb cap/dabbers from Extremely Educated

Dabbing– adj. The procedure of taking in concentrates. This is done by heating a component to a high sufficient temperature that when the concentrate comes into contact with it, it will trigger evaporation, therefore turning the concentrate into a smokable item.

A Wook Dabbing

E-Nail– noun. A method of warming a nail that relies on electrical energy as opposed to the fire from a torch. It is an extra specific method of heating as it permits you to regulate the temperature of the nail via the control setups.
Fad Leader: Extremely Educated

A Humboldt E-Nail

Hat Pins- noun. Decorative pins, normally utilized to promote a specific company or brand name. The pins started being worn on hats (normally a Grassroots hat, a California-based brand name that is usually seen as a staple in the marijuana smokers’ closet) yet is now additionally being used as a device on other articles of clothing or bags. Lots of pins also include art work from pop culture utilized as a double entendre as a referral to something pertaining to the marijuana market.
Fad Pioneer: Truffelufagus

Skywalker Covers dabber hat pin and also The Highest Team hat pin

Spirituous- adj. Detailed of something (most often glass) that is high-end, imaginative as well as usually distinctive, in contrast to pieces made in mass production. (Side note: don’t over use this term, as explaining every little thing as “heady” is generally the reverse of the word).

A spirituous gear (Hitman/Banjo collab)

Toenail- noun. The element that is heated in order to dab. Nails are usually quartz or titanium although earlier variations were made from glass. Ceramic nails have acquired appeal just recently although point of views on nails made from this product are still mixed.
Popular Brand: Very Educated (Attributed with producing both the Domeless Toenail and the Infinity Toenail).

Visual presentation of an Infinity Nail (Highly Educated)

Pelican Case- noun. A safety situation, usually leak-proof, lined with foam and utilized for the lugging and transportation of glass utensils.

A Pelican Instance with gears

Necklace– noun. A glass accessory that hangs from completion of a necklace. This is one of the most preferred kind of glass jewelry although musicians likewise create various items such as rings, arm bands and also earrings. Necklaces usually include various other components such as steel work as well as precious as well as semi-precious rocks. In some cases this word is utilized in it’s reduced type, “pendy.”.
Popular Artists: Jason Burruss, Shawn Daddy (also understood for rigs), Seth Brayer (also known for gears).

A Stimulating Necklace (Seth Brayer/Raven)

Rig– noun. The main element made use of for the function of dabbing. Most like a bong, there are various types that are set apart by their specific attributes although the bulk are constructed from glass. By affixing a nail to a rig, it develops the chamber and air-flow necessary to take a bit.
Popular Artists: Darby, Elbo, Hoobs, Joe Peters.

A rig by Hoobs

Torch- noun

The item made use of to heat up the nail to prepare of dabbing. Considering that it is a tool not exclusive to smoking, there are various kinds readily available for acquisition in mainstream places. However, there are business that create decorative personalized torches unique to the task of dabbing.
Popular Custom-made Lantern Artists: Puff & Dabs (Emerge).

Lantern- verb

(torched, torching). The act of heating up the nail.

Custom-made lanterns by Puff & Dabs

Vape Pen– noun. A mobile device made use of to evaporate concentrates in a fast and also discreet way. They are usually concerning the size of a regular pen used for writing and consist of a small burner that is turned on by the push of a switch. The materials utilized for the pen and also burner and the techniques made use of activate the warmth within the pen differ from business to company.
Popular Brands: Cloud Vape, G Pen, OG Pen.

The OG One vape pen

Wook- noun. An individual, frequently a bearded male, that presents all or many of the accoutrements related to the cannabis way of life. The etymology goes back to the Celebrity Wars films yet is, actually, a jargon term used by several groups and also, in particular groups, is also used as a basic synonym for an unclean hippie or a female marine. The first time I heard “Wook” utilized in a marijuana cultural context was by blog writer, activist and self-proclaimed innovator of every little thing weed associated, Mickey Martin. Wooks are frequently recognized by their beards and also other marijuana-related accessories including pendants/glass precious jewelry, Grassroots hats, collection of hat pins and Pelican situations (or Dollar Bags) including stimulating gears, nails, dabbers, concentrates as well as carb caps.

A Wook with devices

What is a Wook? Ideally this assists in assisting you browse the modern culture and evolving vocabulary of the contemporary cannabis vocabulary.

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