Bil Jac Frozen Dog Food 2023 Review


The Bil Jac frozen dog food brand name of pet food is marketed as a super-premium brand name and also. Having been founded in 1947, it is one of the earliest brands of premium family pet food.

According to the company website, Bil-Jac is a family members brand and they believe that pet dogs are household also. That is why they make it their goal to generate premium items at an economical cost point.

Bil-Jac deals their clients what they call the “Bil-Jac Distinction” which guarantees a shinier layer, softer skin, brighter eyes. Enhanced muscular tissue tone, enhanced activity, as well as smaller/firmer feceses. According to Bil-Jac. Pet dogs are carnivores must be fed a diet that is rich in protein meat healthy protein, to be particular.

Bil-Jac uses a lot more genuine poultry real chicken organs than various other leading brand names. And also they never ever make use of any grain gluten dishes as well as grain protein concentrates. Any type of carbohydrates utilized in their items are there to give dietary balance energy.
Every one of these claims make Bil-Jac sound like a top quality pet food brand name. Yet you have to dig a little deeper to establish whether or not this is really true.


Who Makes Bil-Jac?

Bil-Jac is a family-owned company that was founded by two brothers. Expense and also Jack during the late 1940s after serving in The second world war. Their very first item was Bil-Jac Frozen Pet Dog Food. Which was not only one of the initial meat-rich dog foods. But one of the very first frozen canine foodstuff as well.
Throughout the years, Bil-Jac broadened their item offerings to consist of both dry food and also damp food alternatives. All made with genuine meats and other quality components. Today, Bil-Jac is still a family-owned and also -run firm with its headquarters in Medina, Ohio. This is where Bil-Jac products are created and also generated, made exclusively by the Kelly Foods Company.

Is Bil-Jac Made In The USA?

The Bil-Jac family pet food brand is headquartered in Medina, OH which is where their primary manufacturing center lies too. Bil-Jac items are made solely by Kelly Foods Corporation, a U.S.-based business. And also they are designed to “provide your best friend the nutrition he needs to keep his body functioning the method nature intended”. That becomes part of the “Bil-Jac Difference”.

Where Does Bil-Jac Obtain Their Components?

The Bil-Jac brand name is based in the United States. yet they do not give details information concerning. where their active ingredients come from.
Bil-Jac does say that they make use of real hen and also genuine poultry organs as their primary sources of proteins since they believe that “your pet dog’s nutrition is maximized when fed a diet plan where the healthy protein is derived mainly from fresh ingredients”. Bil-Jac likewise says that they make use of lots of omega-3 and omega-6 fats in their items along with digestible carbohydrates. Part of the “Bil-Jac Distinction” is that the brand name takes “added treatment in sourcing, dealing with and processing” their components, yet they don’t say precisely where their components originate from.

Is Bil-Jac Canine Food Expensive?

The Bil-Jac brand name of pet food is remarkably budget-friendly for being marketed as a super-premium animal food brand. Bil-Jac dry canine foods can be found in 6-pound, 15-pound, as well as 30-pound bags (depending upon the recipe) with a 30-pound bag of Grownup Select Formula costing around $55. Bil-Jac’s grain-free dry foods been available in 4-pound and also 24-pound bags, the larger of which sets you back concerning $60. For wet food, Bil-Jac dishes are available in 3.5-ounce containers which are offered in cases of 12 for about $18– this gives you an ordinary price of around $1.50 per container.

What Sort Of Canine Food Does Bil-Jac Deal?

Bil-Jac provides a respectable variety of pet dog food products, yet only pet food products.
They have an array of completely dry food dishes for young puppies and also grown-up pet dogs along with canines with special nutritional requirements.
For their dry food products, adult dishes are made with 25 pounds of real meat for a 30-pound bag of food- the very same proportion puts on smaller bags of dry food as well. Every one of Bil-Jac’s dry food dishes are protein-rich and also formulated with a premium collection of healthy active ingredients. On top of their dry food alternatives, Bil-Jac supplies 4 wet food dishes as well as a selection of dog deals with. Bil-Jac wet foods are just as protein-rich as their completely dry food recipes yet they have a higher dampness web content.

Bil-Jac Dry Canine Food Products

When it involves their dog foodstuff, most of Bil-Jac’s offerings come in the kind of completely dry pet dog food.
Bil-Jac offers three puppy dishes, including alternatives for tiny and also big breeds, in addition to an original adult dish and also two for little as well as large types.
There is only one grain-free grown-up dish dry food yet Bil-Jac does provide three solutions for special demands. one for senior pet dogs, one for obese pets, as well as one for canines with sensitive tummies or food allergies. Here is a checklist of Bil-Jac dry pet food recipes:

Dry Recipes:

  • Puppy Select Solution
  • Small Type Young Puppy Solution
  • Huge Breed Puppy Formula
  • Grain-Free Grownup Formula
  • Adult Select Solution
  • Little Breed Adult Formula
  • Huge Breed Grownup Formula
  • Reduced Fat Solution
  • Senior Select Solution
  • Sensitive Solutions Solution

Bil-Jac Wet Dog Food Products

Contrasted to their completely dry food offerings, Bil-Jac supplies a more limited assortment of damp food choices. Though there are just 4 tastes to choose from. Each dish is filled with passionate portions of meat cooked in a tasty broth. Several of these dishes are additionally gluten-free and grain-free. Right here is a list of Bil-Jac wet canine food dishes:

Damp Recipes:

  • Nation Stew with Lamb & Beef
  • Chunky Stew with Poultry & Veggies
  • Harvest Banquet with Turkey & Sweet Potatoes in Gravy
  • Passionate Stew with Beef & Barley

Bil-Jac Canine Deals With

In addition to offering a variety of dry food and damp food choices. Bil-Jac likewise has fairly the selection of pet dog treats. They use jerky-style deals with as well as training deals with, grain-free deals with, and also moist deals with. Here is a checklist of the reward alternatives Bil-Jac has to offer:

Deals with:

  • Initial Liver Deals With
  • Gooberlicious Treats
  • Little-Jacs Deals with
  • Breakfast Jacs Treats
  • Grain-Free Treats
  • Yapple-Nanas Treats
  • PB-Nanas Treats
  • America’s VetDogs Deals with

Bil-Jac Pet Food Reviews

This firm makes many insurance claims about making use of genuine chicken meat and also real poultry body organs in their products, but they do not give any kind of specific information about where these and various other active ingredients come from.

Bil-Jac has only undergone one small recall in brand name history. Which sustains the brand name’s insurance claims of producing top notch products. A review of several Bil-Jac dog foods discloses a variety of high-grade components and also components of suspicious high quality. Generally, nevertheless, Bil-Jac pet foods seem to supply suitable dietary worth , though “super-premium” may not be an exact description.

Bil-Jac Canned Food Ranking: 3.5/ 5 stars

Overall, this Bil-Jac Harvest Banquet Turkey & Dessert Potato Dish Damp Food is much greater in dietary high quality than a lot of Bil-Jac’s dry food products. Not just does this recipe contain two quality meat proteins (turkey and also chicken), but it is also gluten-free and grain-free.

With grain-free carbohydrates like wonderful potatoes and also carrots. This formula is extremely absorbable and also a good resource of power. Where this recipe goes downhill remains in making use of pea protein. The lack of a top quality source of animal-based fat. As a whole, this formula is a little expensive in nutritional fiber and also a little low in healthy fat. There are additionally no chelated minerals or probiotic supplements.

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