The Best Window Bird Feeders for 2023


Fed up with utilizing field glasses when bird viewing? Perhaps, it is time to utilize home window feeders.
The best window bird feeders are terrific for two reasons: you can stay inside while seeing the birds and you stand up close as well as personal to the birds without disrupting their feeding session. It would certainly be excellent to work on

Of course, making use of binoculars to clearly see the birds and their activities is a great point to do to. The field glasses have the ability to see also the tiniest bird that visits your lawn. Still, having the very best home window bird feeder attached to your clear wall surface might just be the answer to just how ideal can you appreciate the vibrant birds.

Bird feeding as a hobby ended up being prominent particularly in position that get a great deal of migrant birds throughout the year, spring and afterwards summertime. These downy close friends are not only charming but an outright source of resource of happiness.

Offered in numerous forms and also shapes, these home window feeders can be conveniently attached to your windows making use of solid suction mugs to provide you that ‘up close and individual’ experience with the birds.

Still, like any other feeder, it is important to check out the fine prints and also obtain motivation from specialist birders on which bird feeder is best for your sort of home window. A few of the very best feeders are featured in this article.

Ideal Home Window Bird Feeder Reviews

1) Natures Hangout Home Window Bird Feeder

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A lot of birders feed the birds for something– they are so adorable to view. Their shades, their sound, and also occasionally, getting a songbird is an incentive. It is a worth investing on. Obtaining a bird feeder that lets you have this function is what matters. To do such, Nature’s Hangout Outdoor Home window Birdfeeder is perhaps the best window feeder you can get from the pet shop.

Until now, nature’s hangout is producing premium quality and also properly designed bird feeders. For leisure bird watchers, hanging around a bird feeder by the home window offers you the best spot to appreciate the beauty of the neighborhood bird species from the convenience of your very own home. The product, made from clear, premium quality polymer lets you see everything the birds are doing while delighting in the seeds. The detachable tray makes it very easy to tidy, which is excellent since you desire a clean look of your birds by the window.

Nature’s hangout guaranteed of connecting human and also the wonder of nature becomes a reality in this feeder. Naturally, the very first consideration gets on whether the birds will certainly discover it so make certain it is available by the birds.

While whatever else is terrific, the only downside of this feeder is the possibility of being assaulted by uninvited visitors or killers such as raccoons and cats. So positioning it few feet far from the ground, far from their reach is the most effective option.

What We Suched as

  • Easy to clean
  • All clear, transparent body for finest viewing
  • Strongest suction mugs
  • Draws in all birds
  • Big space/container for seeds

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be destroyed by raccoons

2) Nature Anywhere Home Window Bird Feeder

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Finding a bird feeder can be an obstacle too. Good idea Nature Anywhere makes the most classic bird feeders such as their classic window mounted bird feeder.

Amongst the home window feeders, I love this feeder as well as it has nothing to do with the capability however due to the fact that it advises me of the time I made use of to house birds. The traditional small glass residence design is best to suit as many little birds in their lovely feathers. Let the Nature Home window Feeder be attached to your cooking area window as well as take pleasure in the birds up close while you do your own point.

The sliding seed tray additionally makes this item so easy to fill up and clean. Even young birders can do the refills. Definitely, such duty is a good way to educate kids to love nature as well as deal with birds.

Correct positioning is a must though. If you place it 10 feet over ground, walks and tree branches after that you’ll make sure it will certainly be squirrel evidence. No squirrel climbs glass windows so it will certainly be risk-free.

I believe the only disadvantage of this feeder is its dimension. If you plan to attract doves or tool dimension birds, after that they will not be able to suit comfortably. Orioles, hummers, warblers as well as finches are perfect for this feeder. Likewise, the price is a little bit greater than the standard home window feeders.

What We Suched as

  • Easy to clean up. Move the seed tray and clean prior to re-filling it up
  • No setting up required
  • Food won’t rot as it is not exposed to the elements such as rain or snow
  • Small birds can get in, discover roofing and feed themselves till drop
  • Lovely glass residence layout
  • Squirrel evidence
  • Clear glass permits you to see and take images without disrupting them

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cost is more expensive than ordinary feeders

3) Nature Equipment Home Window Bird Feeder

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Hoping to obtain many birds simultaneously? What is fantastic with bird viewing is the delight caused by the wide ranges of shades– soft feathers in different tones. With the advanced Home window Bird Feeder Model created naturally Gear, you will have continuous visitors by your window.

In my standard, a home window bird feeder can only be considered terrific if it has the following functions; crystal clear style so you can take photos if you require to, all weather style so I do not require to stress over decaying bird seeds and functionality, which guarantees that birds do not require to consume bad seeds as well as get sick.

The Window Bird Feeder– New Design supplies adequate space for perching, making both feeding as well as enjoying fun. It is interesting to see just how birds look after their food too. They perch to avoid contaminating their food by resting on the priceless seeds or pooping on it.

Aside from its pretty layout, this feeder is large enough to accommodate couple of cardinals as well as blue jays together with cute as well as expensive looking birds. No wonder specialist birders ranked this up to the 5 (celebrities) in their home window bird feeder evaluations because of its high quality as well as durability. When placed a bit reduced, squirrels might find it so make certain it is up and also far from anything squirrels can possibly climb unto. You do not wish to squander your precious seeds to them.

What We Liked

  • Best views with an open back encountering the glass home window
  • Tray allows enough to fill up more than an extra pound of seeds
  • Easy to clean with its moving feed tray
  • Always crystal clear as condensation will certainly not construct in between the feeder and the window glass
  • 100% satisfaction assurance

What We Really did not Like

  • Open up sides as well as squirrels can utilize it to reach the seeds

4) Nature Equipment Upgraded Window Bird Feeder

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Throughout extreme climate– as well hot or as well hold, re-filling the seeds can be a real headache. So obtaining an inside home window bird feeder is a saving elegance.

Good idea, Nature Equipment establishes and also manufactures great feeders. The UPGRADED Feeder, Sliding Feed Tray, Large, Crystal Clear, Weatherproof Style, Squirrel Proof to maintain bird seed dry is just one of their window feeder innovation.

What I really believe is fantastic with this product is the truth that it is safe for all birds. It indicates that you could be able to witness a combination of different shades right by your window. It is also weather evidence giving birds the very same benefit of fresh seeds also in bad weather condition. As a result of its roof, the seeds are safeguarded, kept completely dry and also inside the feeder where belongs.

With rate positioned in the mid-range, this updated home window bird feeder is a must. It is not only rather to consider but it is durable as well as practical. The removable gliding tray makes it very easy to re-fill, also inside your home.

I additionally like the large tray as it does not just carry sufficient birdseeds but it also permits larger birds like the Woodpecker and also Robin to consume in addition to the typical sparrow and finches. This may not always agree with as larger birds can bully smaller sized songbirds.

Professional birders who have actually tried the updated version provided it a high 5 due to top quality and also functionality. Of course, the glass-covered sides likewise discourages squirrel to delight in the birdseeds.

What We Suched as

  • Costs style, strong and climate proof
  • Feed tray is detachable for easy refill
  • Large size to accommodate other birds
  • Installs in seconds. No fret
  • Easy to clean up. Sloped roofing system decreases opportunity of birds setting down on top

What We Didn’t Like

  • Big birds can bully smaller sized birds

5) Facets 407 Jewel Box Home Window Hummingbird Feeder


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Wanting a home window bird feeder that does not inhabit large space? How around home window feeders that brings in beautiful hummers? Then you can choose straightforward designs such as the Aspects 407 Hummingbird Feeder, 8 oz.

Elements 407 Jewel Box is a real treasure with its gorgeous layout specifically made for hummingbirds to provide you a terrific program by your home window. With its 3 nectar ports, this is possibly the best window connected bird feeder as it can suit three attractive birds for your pleasure simultaneously.

This moderately valued window hummingbird feeder has a bright red crystal shade that attracts the birds. The non-obstructive layout provides birds sufficient place to perch and on your own sufficient room to enjoy. You do not also require to get distracted of the suctions as it is leveled with the feeder. It’s pure, clear view of the just the birds in action.

Birders who have actually attempted this product state it is fantastic to place this up during the beginning of the springtime and enjoy the hummers obtain their nectar fill. Its 8 oz capacity suffices to make those hummers very happy.

Nevertheless, the product’s simpleness is its stamina and weak point. During re-filling time, you require to eliminate the entire window feeder, clean it up and then refill. A moving tray should be a wonderful benefit to lower the mantling and also taking down of the feeder. Still, the good attributes bypass the negative.

What We Liked

  • Easy cleaning and filling. Just remove the suctions, clean and also put it back
  • Elevated blossom style draws away rainfall far from the nectar
  • Drip as well as Drip Evidence
  • Very affordable price
  • It has a removable ant moat to protect the wonderful nectar

What We Really did not Like

  • Requires taking down when filling up

6) Perky-Pet Window Mount Hummingbird Feeder

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Do you like birds however do not wish to obstruct your glass windows? Keeping your window without blockage would indicate less to none attached to it. If you can’t select between bird viewing as well as a clean sight of your window after that the Perky-Pet Home Window Hummingbird Feeder (8 oz) is your ideal option.

This 10-inch upright home window feeder is a fantastic space saver as compared to the a lot more sophisticated window feeders. With its unique layout, this window bird feeder has a one-way mirror impact with its shatterproof plastic body, which likewise makes it practical to see when the nectar level is low. This will certainly offer you the approximate time of refill.

Hummingbirds are attracted to red so the red nectar along with red base of the window feeder make certain method of inviting the visitors better. I such as both east feeding flowers and two perches due to the fact that it offers the hummers opportunity to loiter while absorbing their food. That indicates longer watching time at the comfort of your residence.

While I think that the rate is reasonable for a Perky-Pet product, the product is far from perfect. Among the drawback are the feeding flowers, which are also little and also too few and when the feeder is complete to the brim, after that it will be difficult to see the whole birding from inside the house.

What We Suched as

  • Swiftly release nectar drips
  • Easily connects to window
  • Easy to tidy wide mouth
  • No drip base

What We Really did not Like

  • As well couple of feeding ports
  • Nectar can obstruct the view of the bird when its complete

7) GrayBunny GB-6851 Home Window Feeder

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When it pertains to home window bird feeders, cheap rate does not suggest inexpensive products. A minimum of this is true for GrayBunny GB-6851, which can be found in large birdseed tray with drainpipe openings to keep the expensive seeds completely dry all throughout.

The price, way listed below than many bird feeders still offers the very same top quality as well as longevity for birds and birders to appreciate: big, added deep tray, extra thick yet crystal clear acrylic, lightweight and extremely solid suctions that keep the feeder stable.

What I like about this feeder are the attributes that make filling up the seeds simpler. The tray is removable as well as it can hold 4 mugs of tray. The huge tray likewise has divider panels, which indicates that I can blend other seeds without an issue. These seeds will profit many other species. Envision the different shades all merged in our feeder when you awaken in the early morning- it’s really remarkable.

The only disadvantage of this feeder is the rounded design on its sides, bring in squirrels to get in the seed tray without much ado. While the squirrels are enjoyable to view, it drives away truth purpose of setting up the feeder– the birds can be gone in no time at all. When they see dangers in a feeder, it can be extremely hard for them to come back and attempt.
The flat roof covering surface area can get a little unpleasant as well, with bird poops as they use it to perch or simply to await their turn on the seed tray. Service is to place it under bushes so dried up bird poop can just be gone down on the plant for added dirt and plant nutrients.

What We Liked

  • Easy to put up. It has strong suction mugs that hold on to the glass home window for a long period of time.
  • Additional thick acrylic is durable and light-weight
  • Tray can stand up to 4 cups of bird seed
  • Strong, level roofing to protect the seeds from splashing during the wet season
  • Drain pipes openings to maintain the seeds dry
  • Attracts a variety of birds
  • Cheaper cost

What We Didn’t Like

  • Open bent side style can be the entrance of squirrels

8) Wild Birds of Delight Window Bird Feeder

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Birders who have tried bush Birds of Delight Bird Feeder has only one thing to say, “it’s a premium window bird feeder” and that outcome is no surprise thinking about the capability of this feeder. Clearly, the birds enjoy it as long as I do.

To stick it to the wall securely, the feeder comes with 4 suction cups keeping it there much longer. Mine is there for few years currently as well as still functions. The unbreakable acrylic is wonderful particularly if you have unpleasant squirrels that might come as well as rummage the seeds. BY rule of thumb, connecting it greater, between 5 to 8 feet above ground as well as in the middle of the glass home window will ensure that no squirrels will certainly ever come.

Because it can hold at least 3 cups of seed, it can feed as many birds as possible. That indicates you likewise have a chance to see selections of birds. The family members as well as your pet cats will definitely appreciate the sight. With a bigger bring capacity, you do not need to fill up as frequently.

Cost an inexpensive price, this Wild Bird of Happiness home window feeder can be one of the most sensible feeders available. The only problem is when squirrels will certainly find the opening on its sides, get into the tray and finish off the seeds. If you do not like squirrels sharing in the enjoyable, do not connect it to anywhere they can get to. A bed room window is a better choice than your low kitchen area home window.

What We Liked

  • Easy to connect on the home window
  • Consists of 4 added toughness suction mugs
  • Tray stands up to 3 mugs
  • Big sufficient to accommodate few various other birds at one feeding time.
  • Easy to cleanse with removable tray.
  • Roof covering keeps the seeds completely dry

What We Really did not Like

  • Opening up on the side can be made use of by squirrels as access factor

9) Perky-Pet 348 Birdscapes Home Window Feeder

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Do you wish to see a mix of a conventional and contemporary birdhouse? After that the 348 Birdscapes Feeder is the most effective choice. It comes in crystal clear layout so you can have an up close and personal encounter with the birds while inside the convenience of your own house.

This charming little home can bring 1 cup of seeds and also little adequate to accommodate only the little as well as colorful birds. You do not need to bother with large bully birds eating all the seeds, as they will not even suit this little paradise, planned for your tiny downy buddies.

Still, the Birdscapes Clear feeder by Perky Advantages is economical and also practical as the roof covering also works as a security to the seeds as well as an area to perch, giving you longer time to see the birds also in their lazy minutes.

There are couple of other points that makes this set of the faves of birders: it is squirrel evidence as the little thing will certainly not hold a squirrel’s weight as well as it draws in birds easily because the layout looks like a typical birdhouse thus they appear to be friendlier to it. The roofing system, similar to a home, is cleaner as the birds can’t truly remain there also long. It is interesting to see them slide down the unbreakable plastic roofing system each time.

While the Birdscapes Clear Home Window Feeder 348 is a terrific product, the only downside is the problem of taking it down and also affixing it back once again throughout cleansing time. Not a tough job to do yet it can be lengthy when you do not have a lot of extra time. Yet considering its really affordable price, it is great to have one at home!

What We Liked

  • Easy set up
  • Holds up to 1 mug of seed
  • Squirrel proof
  • Easy to loaded with brand-new seeds
  • Extremely budget friendly

What We Really did not Like

  • You need to eliminate the whole feeder for cleansing

What is a Home window Feeder

Unlike any other feeders, window feeders are most likely the very best ones to obtain if your main idea of feeding the birds is well– to enjoy them do methods! The majority of window feeders are constructed of hard, non-yellowish, and also crystal clear layout that affixes to your window via clear as well as solid suction cups.

Window feeders are preferred because of the availability of the seeds to almost all sorts of birds. Hanging feeders in some cases can only be for particular types of birds but with window feeders, you can actually mix seeds and also enjoy the birds flying over for a fill. Most home window feeders are created to have perches so you can likewise see them while awaiting their count on it to when they relax about after a fill.

Types of Window Bird Feeders

Home window feeders, made of clear plastic or acrylic can be found in two kinds:

Window feeder with suction cups that attaches the feeder to the home window
Window feeder that fits inside the home window frame

But whatever home window feeder kind you select, it will certainly be the same sort of enjoyable. Most window feeders can be found in a variety of styles such as the ones included above. Some of them consist of tube feeders, system feeders, nectar feeders and also jelly feeders. Picking the right window bird feeder depends upon what sort of birds you are trying to attract.

Window feeders have one side mirror effect that enables the people inside your home to see them very plainly yet not get distracted by human motions.

Benefits of Using Home Window Bird Feeders

This clear plastic feeders are the just one that enables you to bring the vivid birds so near your field of vision. Put simply, there are a lot more benefits of window bird feeders than any other bird feeders bot for people as well as the birds themselves. Several of them are:

Clear View. Due to the fact that they are constructed from transparent plastic or acrylic, you will certainly have an absolutely ‘up close as well as individual’ encounter with the birds. You will what they do without them getting disrupt of what you do.
Suction mugs. These feeders’ suction mugs hold the feeder with seeds and birds without a problem. Super strong to keep things together.
Easy Refill. Window feeders either have sliding trays or vast opening that allows you to fill it up with brand-new seeds from inside your home if the home window can be opened. This is best at feeding the birds also during poor weather condition.
Security for the birds. The majority of predators such as squirrels, raccoons, felines, serpents and various other predators usually hangs around bird feeders put exterior or in the lawn yet prevent obtaining also close to human house. The birds get to consume peacefully.
Setting down Location. The majority of bird feeders supply perches so they can consume easily. This is always an interesting view to see as well!

Factors to Think About When Purchasing a Home Window Bird Feeder

Every bird is various. The distinctions can be conveniently seen in their dimension, the food that they consume as well as the feeder they consume from. Every one of these variables influence your acquiring decision.

There are several and also diverse reasons why home window bird feeders are preferred amongst bird watchers. Certainly, the closer the birds, the better it is. Greater than the surface factors though, there are lots of various other reasons that home window bird feeders are terrific for keeping.

Let’s take a look at the factors that affects when and also which feeder needs to you buy:

  • Type of birds. Prior to you open your pocketbook at an animal shop or key in your charge card for an on-line purchase, pick what sort of bird are you trying to bring in. A hummingbird will certainly call for a smaller feeder while a cardinal may need a larger one.
  • Food capacity. As soon as you are decided on the sort of bird, you need to work on just how much is the ability required to feed the bird. Attracting Blue jay, you most likely require a much larger capability, state 3 to 4 mugs while finches can settle for the one to 2 mugs. This will certainly spell problem in loading it up.
  • Feeder Positioning. Yes, home window. However where? The dimension and layout of your window bird feeder need to offer you a concept for proper positioning. Do you have a clear window that is high enough and much from tree branches and ledges? Otherwise, squirrels could come feast on the seeds as opposed to birds.
  • Layout. Some designs function best for some window types. The level yet roofed bird feeder allows you to see even more birds. This is wonderful for big as well as non-obstructive home windows. If you have a little window area, probably, television feeder kind is a great alternative.
  • Cost. Checking out the reviews of the different window bird feeders is your initial step to finding the most effective one. Not all that is costly is good. Some more affordable feeder are so basic that the birds like them most.
  • Weather proof. This is very important. The best home window bird feeder must have the ability to withstand stormy climate adjustments. If your home window gets wet conveniently when it rainfalls, after that setting up a window feeder may not be your best option. Otherwise, pick a feeder style that has a roofing system to protect the seeds.
  • Bird safety and security and also comfort. Think about feeder that gets along to the kinds of birds you are attempting to attract. Does it have perches for little birds to rest comfortably while feeding?

All in all, feeding wild birds is a great point to do however enjoying them while drinking your morning coffee? That’s a treat you do not get frequently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to utilize a home window bird feeder? (Where to put, cleansing, bird seeds.)

Using a window bird feeder is easy. Affix it, fill it up, and enjoy it. However, they may be some concerns you additionally require to take note of such as placement, cleaning, maintaining as well as caring for the seeds.

There are couple of considerations when you determine the proper positioning of your window bird feeder.

The two primary questions you ought to ask on your own are:

  • Can you see the feeder well? It is a home window bird feeder after all. The birds must be able to locate it for you to be able to appreciate it. It’s both methods. There is no factor putting up a home window feeder that you can’t enjoy.
  • Is the place safe for the feeder (as well as the birds)? This needs mindful planning as well as ideally, computation. Take the dimension of the areas available from all sides of the home window feeder. It has to be much from steps, windowsills or tree branches so predators can not come and steal the seeds, or worst, kill the birds.
  • Many home window feeders are easy to clean. With detachable seed tray that exists in most designs, it makes the work half done already. To make certain that you have a glossy looking home window feeder, eliminate the tray, clean it, air dry it and after that fill up once more. Also, clean the body of the home window feeder a minimum of every one or more weeks. You do not intend to obtain sidetracked seeing bird poops rather than birds and also their gorgeous shades.

Where to acquire window bird feeders?

This needs a bit of acquiring approach. While all shops (pet dog shops) and even online purchasing firms offer the very same item, they might not have the same type of service or perhaps cost.

Walmart uses several of the most inexpensive window bird feeders you can have your hands on. They additionally use lowered cost in several of their attractive home window bird feeders.

Home Depot has an option of bird supplies including home window bird feeders. Since they place rates in wholesale, they also market feeders at a rate less expensive than animal stores. is a one-stop shop. You can practically buy all sorts of window bird feeders without much problem. The shipment is effective and a customer service is on standby in case the item obtains some trouble after you opened it. Prior to purchasing any type of item, it is wise to consider the scores as well as what other purchasers say concerning the item.

Are window bird feeders safe?

Definitely. Due to how the glass home window shows the skies, they tend to fly right into tidy home windows regularly. By putting window bird feeders, they will recognize it’s not a skies thus they will certainly stay clear of flying right in. You save their lives twice: collapsing into the window and from cravings.

Exactly how to attract birds to your home window feeders?

If you have a yard planted with flowers and plants, then bring in birds should not be an issue. They will certainly come voluntarily. However, if you don’t have one, it may be a little struggle to invite them in.

With home window feeders, you lowered the waiting time by fifty percent. The feeder is within their flying vision, so they will certainly see it quick sufficient. Some birds are also brought in to specific colors so placing vibrant seeds or vibrant nectar containers will ultimately obtain the birds over to your home window.


Locating the most effective window bird feeder is actually fairly simple. The majority of items have styles that are very identical to every other. This makes the selecting a lot much easier. More than selecting the appropriate product, window feeders has a lot of various other objectives including the opportunity of enlightening your youngster concerning birds while you all enjoy, maintaining the felines inhabited by enjoying the birds yet not able to touch it, and your own enjoyment of seeing the birds up close and individual.

Whether you are a specialist birder or a beginner, a window bird feeder might simply be the best option to start your leisure activity or merely to keep the feeder as an enhancement to your feeder collections at your lawn. Whatever the situation, the delight of bird viewing will never ever coincide once more when you get a hold of a home window bird feeder that provides you the best sight.

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